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man oh man...

i guess you all were right , i shouldve seen it
everything i saw in that bullshit flag was lies and more lies.... i hate to say it ....but its true.

--------------------------------------------------Growing up my mind was molded to believe in a flag a non existant dream
of liberty prosperity equality
I fallowed the lines , i thought like i was taught and i wasted my time
invest my life into your broken wing society
it was built on blood , you cant deny , you deny those who died
Loyalty i gave my loyalty and gave me nothing but empty promises
and empty statements ,lady liberty , you failed , failed me

The constitunion states no one should be deprived the right to live
but whats this genocide i witness every single day
those who fought for you and your rugged flag now
freeze on street corners trying to survive everyday
is this right , the right to be poor? the right to die? the right
to give our lifes and souls to you while you strip us of our selves

violence is all i ever see , people dying , politician lying , this world
is a living hell , love it or leave you say it to my face , this country isnt yours , this country
isnt yours united under god , god bless america you say his name in vain , killing
for the name of god and government , the next your telling me god is dead , hes in your head

... Athiest society telling me God is dead , hes in your head
your mouths are wide open look your eyes are shut
your society your dreams your lies your politics
are as worthless as a pile of a rats vile vomit
it makes me sick to my stomach.

my thoughts on this war......

Drop the bomb , here we come , attack attack , war is here
kill everybody thats not with us , its world war 3 , kill iraq
Their from the middle east , their only towel heads who'l miss em anyway?
Americanize the uncivilized , take control ,fight the fight ,drop the bomb!

Who are the real terrorist? the Middle east or the united states?>!>

lets invade , we have the right , in the name of god and country
lets shoot our guns and wave our flags are you proud to be stupid?
youre killing the children of god , your killing yourselves

See a child with a dirty face ,his mom and dad been shot , a disgrace
look into his dead eyes , look what youve become
a murderer , WHY?... WHY?!

Who are the real terrorist? the Middle east or the united states?>!>

fuck it yo ..... i dont want to be americanized anymore.

ps: my neighors are having the loudest sex ever... earplugs !.
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