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3 updates in one day , hells frozen over!

Friday night after work Cinthea and i are going to a sweet dinner for V-Day.We are going to dress up , i know she wants to dress up and everything so thats what we'l do.
I really wanted to take a long walk on the sand at the beach afterwards under the moon and stars.
I want to go somewhere other than just dinner ,maybe il find another place for us to go , a quiet place for us to just get away and hold eatchother.
It will be a special night , i just know it.
Well i just got back from "chillin" at daniels house with the crew.
Uh.... ok well im spacing out so il just stoo here.


If anyone doesnt know about the wreckers ball and likes psychobilly then you suck... but go anyway for a fun time of pomps , rockabilly and GORE!!!!!!! and a bit of satan
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