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American Baseball bat destroyed to disco tec

i can't wait for tommorow, i'm spending my day with my girl.the call yesterday was pretty tight, some things got to was breathetaking to see thousands of people of every background, every age just praising God, dancing... on their knees, crying out.i think my feelings about it changed a bit when after people tithed this lady went up on stage and talked about how they needed more.i understood the fact that it must have cost a crapload of money to put it on but im not cool with someone asking for more money after tithe has already been given.maybe it just botherd me because she went on for ten minutes reading scripture on giving and so on.overall it was cool, ijust didnt get that much out of it when compared to soul survivor.
something about the call was fishy, i dont think im the only one who thinks so.
I miss Cinthea so much , i didnt talk to her all day saturday , it was HELL to not talk to her and hear her voice, she was on my mind and heart all day tho.
today when i heard her voice it was great, it felt like i was away from home and that call was me going home.
ok well i think its time 4 bed, i love y'all , Cinthea, LX , Liz ... whoever reads dis.

"there is no way to peace, peace is the way"
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add me back, my name was taken off everyone's list.