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happy to mad

Aight i'm back,

Last night i went to my girlfriends house last night and we drove around and chilled..
Her parents took us to dinner wich was really cool.I really like her mom and dad , i like them alot.
Afterwards we went back to her house and snuggled.
Earlier in the day we drove up her street in my car at like 4 miles an hour and her nieghbors were
giving us wierd looks... she was tottaly embarassed.. and i was having a blast.
I somehow got The Comeback Kid and The Damage Done to play at the stairwel on march 9th,
its going to be break neck.This saturday we put HG to death... thats right , no more HG ....
we are burying everything it ever was and starting a new chapter.
I think im becoming more sensitive towards people... praise God.
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be fearless to vent, share with the world your frustration you make get some insite back.
it wasnt funny.